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Auden Guitars

Auden Guitars produce outstanding quality, hand crafted electro acoustic guitars that are increasingly seen in the hands of professional musicians, including artists of the calibre of Paul Weller and Johnny Marr.

Produced from carefully selected tone woods, the shells of the guitars are crafted in a purpose built workshop in China, before the team in the UK takes of the fretwork, nut and bridge fittings, insulation of the superb Brade Clark Supernatural preamp system and final fastidious set-up. This combination results in a range of guitars that rival the top US premium brands in tone and playability, at a significantly more affordable price. Exceptional guitars. Exceptional value.

Auden Emily Rose Parlour Guitars

Small and mighty! This sweet little 12 fret join parlour guitar from Auden Guitars certainly packs a punch. The slightly deeper body allows the guitar to resonate with a volume and presence not usually heard in guitars of this size.

Available in high gloss Artist Rosewood and Artist Mahogany finishes, distinctive Tobacco Burst, and entry level Neo finishes.

The Auden Emily Rose is a Guitarist Magazine Gold Award winner.

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Auden Julia 00 Guitars

The Auden Julia is a OO size electro-acoustic, positioned as a great songwriter’s guitar. The combination of comfortable smaller body, rich tone and big sound provides the basis for musical inspiration!

Available on Artist Rosewood, Artist Mahogany and Tobacco Burst finishes

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Auden Bowman OM Guitars

The Bowman is Auden Guitars take on the classic orchestra model but it has been fine tuned with tapered sides to give this guitar plenty of front-end and presence. The comfortable playing position of the Bowman makes this guitar a favourite acoustic choice for electric guitar players and gives the guitar a defined place in a band setting.

Available in Artist Rosewood finish in both fullbody and cutaway versions, and the entry level Neo finish fullbody

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Auden Chester 000 Guitars

The Chester is Auden Guitars best selling model. It’s a mid sized OOO size electro-acoustic that is a beautifully versatile guitar for all styles of playing. The full bass and sweet trebles of the Chester are enhanced by perfect string balance and playability. The only thing you’ll find difficult with this guitar is putting it down.

Available in Artist Rosewood and Artist Mahogany finishes, in cutaway or fullbody versions, as well as in High Gloss Black plus the beautiful Tobacco Burst finish (here’s Greg Coulson playing one!) and the entry level Neo finish. A 12 string version is also available.

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Auden Austin Grand Auditorium Guitars

The Austin by Auden Guitars in a larger body, full sounding Grand Auditorium sized electro-acoustic guitar. The combination of Mahogany and Spruce gives a warm but clearly defined tone. This guitar is a great all-rounder and responds beautifully whether finger-picked or strummed with a plectrum.

Available in Artist Mahogany or rich black Smokehouse finishes in fullbody and cutaway versions. The fullbody version also comes as a 12-string.

The Austin is a Guitarist Magazine Gold Award winner.

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Auden Colton Dreadnought Guitars

The Auden Colton is Auden Guitars take on the iconic dreadnought shape. Tightly scalloped x bracing paired with a light top gives the Auden Colton huge volume whilst maintaining clear, balanced separation between the sound of each individual string.

Available in Artist Rosewood and Artist Mahogany finishes in fullbody, 12-string  and cutaway versions (here’s Auden’s very own Rob Bowman playing one!), or the entry level Neo finish fullbody.

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