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Introducing Rajani Amps

We’re delighted to announce that we are becoming a stockist for Rajani Amps. We have been searching for a special British built guitar amp to complement our range of Exceptional British Guitars, and we’ve exceeded our own expectations with the Rajani VOD-50. It’s a tremendous example of a small British builder (in this case Ravi Rajani, based in London) creating a product that improves on what is out there from the bigger brands. The VOD-50 is a lightweight, super-durable hybrid combo, complete with spring reverb, capable of brilliant clean and overdriven valve tones at anything from bedroom or studio volume up to full blown gigs with no loss of tonal quality. ┬áThis could be the only amp you’ll ever need. Our stock of these very cool amps will arrive at the end of June, but we have a demo amp in the showroom right now. Make an appointment to come and experience the Rajani VOD-50.

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