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Helping local guitar players find the services they need

We often get questions from customers looking for help to find guitar related services in the local area, so this page is intended to be a resource for Leo & Ted’s customers, suppliers and all guitar players in the Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. There’s loads of cool guitar stuff going on in this part of the world, so if you’d like your business or service listed here, give us a shout! If we can benefit the local guitar community is this small way, that would be great.

Services currently covered are:

Guitar Tutors

Guitar Techs and Repair Services

Recording Studios and Rehearsal Spaces

At Leo & Ted’s, we’ve enjoyed the service from some of these providers over the years, but certainly not all of them, so we’d prefer not to recommend one over another and we’d always recommend you do your own research by checking out the provider’s website, giving them a call etc to make sure they fit your specific requirement. We’re always happy to chat about our experiences if you’d like to get in touch.

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