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Northampton Guitar Show Report

We’ve just finished the Northampton show at Franklins Gardens – huge thanks to the many people who visited us, and offered their best wishes for our new business, some if whom had heard about the show from Tim’s appearance on the Bernie Keith Show on BBC Radio Northampton on Thursday! We had a great day, sold a few guitars (following Headrush demos) and generated a lot of interest, particularly for our range of Crimson Guitars, which many people hadn’t seen before. We look forward to seeing you soon at the showroom to try out these terrific guitars – feel free to bring your own amp if you’d like to.

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  1. Thank you, I enjoyed the The guitar show,already looking award to next year. P.M.T The guitar shop on bridge st. No longer offer a repair service, could you recommend an alternative service.I am interested in the S.G with the single P.90 if it is still available?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Charles
      Thanks, yes, we enjoyed it too and have already booked for next year so look forward to seeing you there. The ’65 SG Junior sold at the show I’m afraid. I’ll keep an eye out for similar examples and let you know if I get anything. Regarding repairs it depends a bit on the type of repair you need. Andy Viccars in MK has always done a great job on my guitars – his web site is Likewise Eli Abbott in Wellingborough, particularly for anything to do with electronics – . In Northampton, Allfrets have a good reputation If you come across anyone else doing a good job, please let me know – I’m planning to add a kind of directory page on the website for local Northants guitar-related businesses and services to help answer questions like yours.
      Thanks for the comment

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