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Here you can find our range of quality electric guitars in the following categories:

Ivison Guitars

Ivison Guitars is a small, boutique electric guitar company based in Worcestershire, UK building guitars inspired by the Gibson Golden Era. All Ivison guitars are hand built, one at a time, from raw lumber selection to the final hand buffed ‘vintage patina’ finish using the finest quality materials available and using traditional construction methods and techniques.

Haynes Guitars

Haynes Guitars are built in Oxfordshire, UK by master luthier Neil Haynes. Neil’s lifelong passions of woodworking and music come together in this range of boutique instruments, which recreate classic electric guitar designs in a unique modern style. Haynes Guitars are crafted by Neil to the highest standards, with premium woods and components, resulting in exceptional guitars we hope owners will treasure forever.

Auden Guitars

OK they’re not strictly electric guitars, but these brilliant acoustics all come with the spectacularly good Brad Clark Supernatural pickup system on board, so you can plug ’em in – that’s good enough for us. It’s no wonder these guitars are getting rave reviews, and standing shoulder to shoulder with the big American brands that cost significantly more. These Audens are a clever blend of Asian manufacturing economics and British craftsmanship – they’re really, really good!

Gordon Smith Guitars

An old established British electric guitar brands, now beautifully made by hand close to Leo & Ted’s HQ in Northamptonshire, Gordon Smith offers a range of custom shop quality instruments at attractive prices. The designs are a modern twist on a classic theme – kind of recognisable but different. Produced by hand – no CNC here, just sweat, sandpaper and blisters – you feel the love in these guitars as soon as you pick them up.

PJD Guitars

Continuing the theme of outstanding British guitars, here you’ll find a range of spectacular instrument from PJD Guitars in York, UK.  Handcrafted by Leigh Dovey and his team at their impressive workshop, PJD specialise in a range of classically inspired, beautifully built premium quality instruments, made with the finest woods and components. These are professional grade guitars built to perform.

Used Fender Guitars

Here you’ll find our selection of Fender electric guitars, mainly American models but extending to Mexican and Japanese examples where we come across ones we particularly like.

Used Gibson Guitars

Gibson have produced some of the most iconic electric guitars – Les Pauls, SGs and hollow- and semi-hollow ES series instruments. If you’re in the market for a Gibson guitar, choosing a nice example of a used model could be an attractive option. Leo & Ted’s aim is to bring you a good selection to choose from.

Other Used Guitars

As our name suggests, Leo & Ted’s is built around Fender and Gibson guitars, but we know there have been some fabulous instruments produced that, whilst certainly influenced by the two big boys, offer their own character and features. You’ll find those guitars in this section.

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