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At Leo & Ted’s, we’re focussed on bringing you guitars you don’t usually see in the big music shops – a good range of high quality used instruments and a great selection of new guitars from talented British makers. Budget wise, we aim to stay in the “affordable” area. In other words, we don’t deal in those rare and vintage instruments that command prices you’d need to sell a kidney (or more) to afford. The majority of our guitars are in the £1000-£2000 range. You might find something for up to about £5,000 if it’s really special, and we’ll try to offer some interesting guitars you can buy from a few hundred pounds whenever we can. We don’t compete with the big retailers – we don’t have the resources or the inclination – but we hope you’ll find something appealing and a bit different in our selection of great guitars.

Here you can find our range of quality electric guitars, and related stuff,  in the following categories:

Crimson Guitars

We love old Fenders and Gibsons but recognise sometimes people yearn for something completely different…something equally cool, rather familiar, but with its own character and vibe – made to the highest quality with the best woods and hardware. That’s why we love Crimson Guitars, made in Dorset by Ben Crowe and his team of master luthiers. Can’t decide between a Tele and Les Paul…get a Crimson Descendant!

Auden Guitars

OK they’re not strictly electric guitars, but these brilliant acoustics all come with the spectacularly good Brad Clark Supernatural pickup system on board, so you can plug ’em in – that’s good enough for us. It’s no wonder these guitars are getting rave reviews, and standing shoulder to shoulder with the big American brands that cost significantly more. These Audens are a clever blend of Asian manufacturing economics and British craftsmanship – they’re really, really good!

Gordon Smith Guitars

An old established British electric guitar brands, now beautifully made by hand close to Leo & Ted’s HQ in Northamptonshire, Gordon Smith offers a range of custom shop quality instruments at attractive prices. The designs are a modern twist on a classic theme – kind of recognisable but different. Produced by hand – no CNC here, just sweat, sandpaper and blisters – you feel the love in these guitars as soon as you pick them up.

Grainger Guitars

Continuing the theme of outstanding British guitars, here you’ll find a range of spectacular instrument from Grainger Guitars in Market Overton, Rutland, UK.  Rooted in their precision engineering business, Grainger Guitars are made by brothers Darren and Gavin Grainger to a meticulously high standard with totally beautiful works. If you’re in the market for a stand-out rock guitar, just look at these.

Used Fender Guitars

Here you’ll find our selection of Fender electric guitars, mainly American models but extending to Mexican and Japanese examples where we come across ones we particularly like.

Used Gibson Guitars

Gibson have come under the spotlight in recent times with financial troubles and quality criticisms. And if you find a new one you like, the price will be on the high side. If you’re in the market for a Gibson guitar, choosing a nice example of a used model could be an attractive option. Leo & Ted’s aim is to bring you a good selection to choose from.

Other Used Guitars

As our name suggests, Leo & Ted’s is built around Fender and Gibson guitars, but we know there have been some fabulous instruments produced that, whilst certainly influenced by the two big boys, offer their own character and features. You’ll find those guitars in this section.

Thorpy FX

We’re proud to represent ThorpyFX with a full range of Adrian’s brilliant pedals available from the showroom and website, and at all of the guitar shows we attend. Unbelievably high quality tones and rock solid British build quality – we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with any of these pedals. We have a full demo board you can try in the showroom or at any of the shows.

Guitar Care Products

The way we present our instruments is important to us, so all guitars are cleaned and properly set up before being offered for sale. We only use quality products in this pre-sale routine, and you can buy the same products here if you wish to build them into your own guitar maintenance regime.

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