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Crimson Cleaner and Restorative Set


Crimson Guitar Care Set including Fretboard & Finish Cleaner and Fretboard Restorative

  • Top quality products selected by Crimson’s experienced luthiers
  • Cleaner based on a tried & trusted formula used for centuries on stringer instruments
  • Free of abrasives with zero silicone or petroleum products
  • Supplied in 2 x 50ml aluminium screw-cap and spray cap-bottles

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This set is made up of 2 x 50ml bottles of Crimson’s specially formulated guitar care treatments – 1 bottle of Fretboard & Finish Cleaner and 1 bottle of Fretboard Restorative.  These products are natural, clean and safe to use, with no silicone or petroleum based ingredients. The Restorative (a superior alternative to lemon oil in the view of Crimson’s luthiers) is a blend of medicinal grade natural oils, gentle on both your fretboard and your hands. The Cleaner is based on a vintage recipe used for over 3 centuries to clean stringed instruments of the highest quality.

Use the Cleaner before you use the Restorative oil. Spray the Cleaner directly onto your fretboard (a little goes a long way) and spread along the fretboard with a soft cloth or strong tissue paper.  Wipe away the excess until your fretboard is touch dry. This Cleaner is gentle and safe to use on your guitar body finish, tuners and control knobs too. Just keep it away from delicate electronics.

Apply the Restorative with a soft cloth or strong tissue paper. Cover the entire fretboard and leave for 5 minutes to soak in.  Reapply as needed if the wood appears dry in places.  Once the fretboard is saturated, wipe away the excess with a soft, clean cloth or tissue paper.  Polish the fretboard until touch dry.

Developed by Crimson’s luthiers using years of experience, these products can of course be used on all brands of guitars.

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