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Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2000


Fender American Standard  Stratocaster, made in USA in 2000

  • Refinished in Metallic Ice Blue
  • Maple neck
  • Fender hardcase included
  • Serial No. Z0048312

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Here’s a Strat with some character! It’s a 2000 USA Standard Fender Stratocaster which was originally black but has been subsequently refinished in a very cool looking metallic ice blue with a mint pickguard. The refin has been done nicely so the guitar looks and feels great, although there are a few knocks and blemishes here and there. Most significantly, there is evidence of some additional routing through the bottom horn of the guitar (presumably for some electrics mod) and you can see the outline of the circular shape (about 10p coin sized) of the filled recess on the back if the guitar. It doesn’t affect anything, just adds to the quirky vibe of this Strat – Leo Fender designed them to be modded didn’t he? The back of this maple neck has had the lacquer professionally sanded to give a super smooth played- in feel, whilst the fretboard itself has some lacquer chequering as evidence of its active service – the frets themselves are in good condition. The guitar has its original pickups and sounds exactly like a good Strat should. If you’re looking for a good value, professional grade instrument that has a natural relic vibe, this could be the guitar for you. Comes with a moulded Fender hardcase which has seen better days (it has a catch missing and a few cracks, but does the job in protecting the guitar).

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