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Gibson RD Artist 1978


Gibson RD Artist made in USA 1978

  • Sunburst finish
  • Gibson Series IV pickups plus Moog active circuitry
  • Original Gibson hardcase included
  • Serial No. 70978160
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One of Gibson’s more adventurous designs, the RD Artist was produced from 1977 to 1982 and delivered a blend of conventional Gibson configuration paired with Moog designed active electronics to broaden the spectrum of available tones. The Artist is equipped with Gibson Series VI humbuckers and traditional three-way toggle. The pickups are active, with an onboard transformer and 9-volt battery. Each pickup has its own active volume control whilst both pickups share the tone controls – separate knobs for treble and bass.  The guitar is also equipped with a second three-way toggle called a “trick switch.” The middle position is “neutral,” allowing the active electronics to work as described. The front position was a bright switch that boosted the treble frequencies for cut-through on lead solos. The back position activates expander/compression circuitry – “expansion” for the bridge pickup  (fast, explosive response with rapid decay) and “compression” for the neck pickup was activated (reduced initial attack and increased sustain). This RD is is great overall shape, frets in good condition, and the finish has only minor markings. A previous owner added a brass tailpiece to set the guitar up as a bass or something – this could be removed but will leave a finish defect – maybe better to leave it as illustrative of the guitar’s history. The original Gibson brown oblong hardcase is included.

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