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Rajani VOD-50 Combo


Rajani VOD-50 Combo, handbuilt in London

  • Premium quality hybrid combo
  • Valve overdrive and linear power amp
  • Two channels with boost
  • Active 2-band EQ
  • Spring reverb
  • Cover and footswitch included

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The Rajani VOD-50 is a unique British built amplifier with a hybrid design combining a valve preamp stage with a 50 W class AB power amp stage. The result is a powerful, lightweight and reliable amp which sounds superb and in flexible enough to handle loud gigs or low volume studio or practice environments with no loss of sound quality.

The valve stage uses Thermionic Valves (aka Vacuum Tubes) which are renowned for their soft clipping characteristics and natural overdrive. They have an almost indescribable airiness to their sound which is very hard, impossible even, to replicate with solid state devices or digital technology.

The Rajani 50 W power amp has been designed specifically for guitar. Turn it up loud and the notes start to compress courtesy of a very musical integrated compressor. A unique clean clipping circuit ensures it sounds amazingly good even when pushed to the max. A big advantage of the Rajani clean, transparent power amp  is you essentially have the same tone at any volume, since all the tone comes from the preamp. This makes it very versatile: get the same great sound on stage, in the studio, and even in your bedroom.

Two switchable channels with boost are available for the full range of overdrive tones. The clean channel is voiced to sound big and bold with deep lows and bright but smooth highs. By turning up the clean gain, you can get the valves to begin to break up. And by engaging the boost switch, you get 6 dB of extra gain to get into juicy, sustaining blues territory.

The lead channel has a very balanced sound, retaining the open high-end detail that is often missing from dirt pedals, but never sounding harsh. Again, the boost switch gives an extra 6 dB of gain which at this level of saturation translates into a fatter sound with more singing sustain rather than more volume.

Other features include a brilliant all-analogue long-tank spring reverb, 2-band EQ with 13dB boot or cut to treble and bass bands, serial effects loop and voltage selector switch for working musicians gigging in other countries. A high quality Rajani metal 2-button footswitch and custom Rajani cover are included.

This amp is built to the highest standards with premium components including a 12″ Jensen Tornado speaker and handmade pine cabinet covered with durable tolex. Rajani are so confident in the build quality of these amps, they are covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Dimensions: 480x530x255 mm

Here’s a review of this brilliant amp by Guitarist Magazine:

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