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ThorpyFX The Boneyard Germanium Fuzz Limited Edition


ThorpyFX The Boneyard Germanium Fuzz

  • Tonebender inspired fuzz pedal
  • Limited Edition
  • Superb build quality
  • Made in UK

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THE BONEYARD FUZZ. To cut a long story short, this is my interpretation of what the ultimate TonebenderTM should sound like. I wanted one pedal to be able to cover off all the Tone- benderTM variants in one small pedalboard friendly footprint. THE BONEYARD is designed to provide you with a supremely versatile foot switchable vintage germanium fuzz pedal that evokes the sounds of everything from 1960s forward… a true chameleon of a fuzz pedal.

OVERVIEW: THE BONEYARD is a culmination of many years playing, testing and adjusting all of the various TonebenderTM variants. The aim of the pedal is to allow customers to choose their own tonal palette, in essence their own flavour of TonebenderTM. This new version expands on that legacy to deliver more volume, lower noise, more flexibility all in a much smaller pedalboard friendly footprint.

LEVEL: Use this control to increase the volume output of the pedal.

ATTACK: This control is used to increase the level of FUZZ available, everything from lighter fuzz through to searing fuzz is available here.

TONE: This control allows you control over the treble and bass response of the pedal. Counter clockwise yields smoother sounds whilst clockwise yields brighter sounds. This control is very interactive with the Attack control and the tone bypass footswitch.

FEED: This control adjusts the voltage attributed to the entire pedal. Its like master Bias control for the whole circuit and allows you to go from voltage starved and spitty fuzz style through to full-bore perfectly biased fuzz. MODE SWITCH: This is a mode switch and allows you to choose between a two transistor fuzz and a three transistor fuzz.

RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: This turns the BONEYARD on/off.

LEFT FOOTSWITCH: This control bypasses the tonestack entirely for a different tonal response, giving you a level boost. When this is switched in the tone DOES NOTHING.

POWER: THE BONEYARD is designed to work at voltages of 9V DC. This should be from a quality center negative power supply such as the Gigrig Generator or Voodoo Lab Pedalpower Plus 2. Do not attempt to use this pedal with other voltages or polarities.

COMPONENTS: To ensure consistency, reliability, low noise and tonal supremacy the BONEYARD is made with extremely high quality components. 1% metalfilm resistors, WIMA and Panasonic capacitors where possible and robust through hole plated PCB’S. In short, all of this means you won’t have to worry about your pedal and it should give you many years of inspiring tonal bliss.

Size: (W)65mm x(L)125mm x(H)53mm

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