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Showroom now equipped with ThorpyFX

We visited the ThorpyFX workshop yesterday to pick up a couple of new effects pedals for the showroom. We wanted something to produce some quality overdriven tones from our Abbott Princeton and came away with two pedals – a Peacekeeper and a Gunshot. The Peacekeeper produces a range of gloriously rich overdriven bluesy sounds, whilst the Gunshot provides the solution when you want things a bit dirtier and grainier. When used together, you have the ability to boost the bass or treble ends of your sound to your heart’s content – it’s a brilliantly flexible and high quality set-up. What’s more, they’re made in UK by Adrian Thorpe, a man with an obvious passion and commitment for tone and build quality – it was a real pleasure to spend some time chatting with him.

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